Thursday, October 31, 2013

Diane Rinella has done it again!!

This is another book by Diane Rinella that is a must have if you have read her other two books!!! so please check it out and is a great steal for $2.99 for kindle copy! after reading please leave a review on her book and share some love to her!

~DJ~ Review on this book:
Ok wow this book was/is amazing! Diane has done it again. I hate to give spoilers I think you as a reader should read it with an open mind....that being said ill try not to give to much away! So ill just say this........

The story is told in a span of years there is children born, love found, the past that comes out, secrets told, and murder!!

Lily gets married but to who? And when Christopher and Anna find out about the past will stay? And who killed who?? And when a past lover comes back will Lily say good bye to them all? Will Lily and Donavan souls ever find one another?? Read this one to find out!!!
Thank you Diane

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This is another great book of Diane's please check it out!!

What a great book to get your hands on and it's only 99 cents!! What a fantastic price, so please go over and send her some love. Link below:

This is ~DJ's~ Review on this amazing book!! 
Diane did it again. This book was great it goes into the life of Lily and Donovan and how they live together. I was pleased to see what it was like for the two behind closed doors it was sexy. Trying not to give to much away but I will say its a MUST read :)

Please when you go to her link please leave a review on her book once you read it.
Thank You,
~DJ~ & ~ML~

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Love's Forbidden Flower

Here is one of the most amazing Author's we know and want to spotlight her and her amazing books so please check out the links below and send her some love!! ~ML~ ~DJ~

~DJ'S~ Review:
I love love love this book!!!!! Why do I love this book ok ill tell you why. First it's not like anyone I have read before. The love between a brother (Donovan) and sister(Lily).That alone took guts to write about. Second you can feel Lily's struggle as she try's to get Donovan to confess his feelings for her (just so she knows he has them to). Third when Lily meets Christopher (my British boyfriend :)) things seem to be going great. Donovan is in college and Lily's is still in high school. Christopher is now her boyfriend but her love for both men is a struggle for her. When Christopher goes back to Landon and she goes off to college and meets Julian will her heart finally heal? Will she find happiness? Will things get any better for her??? I would tell you but then you wouldn't have to read this book if I did :) this is a must must read :)