Friday, November 29, 2013

My Review on a book that was just released a few days ago!

Here is the link to the book Forbidden Trouble!
M's Review on the book:
I will say that when I started reading this book, I was captured by how awesome Travis had used the lingo of military so well! I was wanting more and more and all I will say is this is one book that will keep you on your toes!!
I have to say this is a great book specially if you love military style of books, don't get my wrong it isn't all about the military or how many kills happened by one character's or the other ones. It is a well written book that shows you what could happen in a military setting. Travis did a amazing job on the lingo as I said in my review and honestly I really don't want to say too much for the facts of I don't want to give anything away! so please check his books out and see what I am talking about!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lucky Girl by: Emme Rollins

Ok Emme Rollins has done it again. This is the 2nd book and I have waited for this one it take place 2 years after Dear Rockstar.
Sara is done with school and Dale has made it in the music bizz. But can there love stand strong when everything around them seems to be crumbling down? In this book everything comes to a head is Tyler really Dales father? And the stepbeast what happens when he.......oh i really shuldn't say. We met Chrissy Dales sister and wow hello crazy. A baby is born and 2 wedding happen. And just as life seems to be going great for Sara BAM something happens. Will she ever get her happy ever after? And what happends when the man she thought was dead shows up saying he is her real father? Is he?
But why did i give this book 5 stars well because it is amazing i couldnt get enought. I could read about Sara and Dale forever. I hope that Emme does more to this story not that it is really needed. I just want more!

Check her out and see what an amazing Author she is!

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

~Something that came to mind~

I  know I have been thinking about what book to read next and who I need to leave reviews for. I have fallen in love with so many books and authors that sometimes I get so losted in the whole which book should I read next type of thing. I honestly hate when I get like this because I don't want the series I am currently reading end =/ Sadly tho I know that I have to put on my big gurl panties on and just finish the last book. I will on a upbeat note remind everyone that we will be starting flash giveaways for our followers/readers! so please keep a close look at both the blog page and our like page on Facebook!!
Night all

Friday, November 15, 2013

Our Free Book Fridays!!

I just wanted to say that  today is Free book Friday People! go to our like page on Facebook and check out all the free books we posted! Mind you these books was free at the time of posting and may or may not still be free! I also posted some none free books that I love so very much! Each author is amazing in their own way and I thought I would give them a little shout out on here and on Facebook! send some love their ways Please!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our Giveaway!!!

I wanted to post our Giveaway on here so that everyone has a chance to enter our giveaway!!! so please share and enter to win these amazing prizes!!

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Our first giveaway!!!!

I have to say that today was one of those days where you just don't feel good and you just want to stay in bed under the covers hiding from the weather outside! But I and DJ did get our very first giveaway up and running and boy it was very new to us and hope and pray everyone loves us enough to know we're trying our best to get it up and running so please don't feel free to enter it and win! there are 3 amazing chances to win 3 different e-books from Diane Rinella, AR Von and a book from Joanne Brothwell! sending out love to you all and please note that we're not the ones sending the e-books, they will personally come from the author's themselves!
Thank You,
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Attention to all readers!

Hey all book bloggers! The super awesome Crystal Marie is putting a promo blitz for Diane Rinella's Forbidden Flowers series, soon coming to Smashwords. You do not need to do a review to participate.All post info will be provided. Thanks!
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Hello all!

Well I thought today I would blog about something that came to mind, when I woke up this morning and saw how the weather has changed just over night to cold and windy. I been thinking that we all love to read different books by different authors and was hoping that everyone could tell us about what books you are all currently reading on a beautiful Saturday?? Please don't forget to post a comment on here!