Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lucky Girl by: Emme Rollins

Ok Emme Rollins has done it again. This is the 2nd book and I have waited for this one it take place 2 years after Dear Rockstar.
Sara is done with school and Dale has made it in the music bizz. But can there love stand strong when everything around them seems to be crumbling down? In this book everything comes to a head is Tyler really Dales father? And the stepbeast what happens when he.......oh i really shuldn't say. We met Chrissy Dales sister and wow hello crazy. A baby is born and 2 wedding happen. And just as life seems to be going great for Sara BAM something happens. Will she ever get her happy ever after? And what happends when the man she thought was dead shows up saying he is her real father? Is he?
But why did i give this book 5 stars well because it is amazing i couldnt get enought. I could read about Sara and Dale forever. I hope that Emme does more to this story not that it is really needed. I just want more!

Check her out and see what an amazing Author she is!

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